Door to Door Organics

I’m a college student, what am I doing paying someone to bring me organic produce?

Well that’s what Door to Door organics does and busy people out there beware it’s addicting.

The idea with D2D is that they email you the list of produce for the week and you can make up to 5 substitutions if for example you are a swiss chard fan or eat tons of bananas.

I used this service a lot when I lived in my sorority house and was without a car. Every Tuesday a box of organic produce showed up! Recently, I have stopped ordering because the cost is more than just going down to Sunflower Market. It was a huge time saver and definitely had me eating more vegetables.

I am curious about the carbon footprint of this business, crisscrossing Denver delivering boxes of produce. They do recycle or reuse the boxes and you can request them to not use a box and just put it in a your cooler on your porch. In theory, it would be more “green” to have all these people staying at home and getting their produce delivered as opposed to them drive to and from their health food store.

Overall, we had a great run.  Super customer service just a little out of my price range.


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