Compost Problem

When moving into our new house I wanted a compost pile! One of my more crunchy roommates was on board so we stared saving scraps. As she told me yesterday, she knew nothing and I had all the knowledge.

This turned into a problem because all the information I got was from my crunchy sister who had one but really wasn’t on top of it. I knew no dairy or meat products. That was pretty much it.

Sooo… we have this:

and it’s hot like its supposed to be but purposefully rotting food confuses me.

Things I have learned today:

  1. You cook compost
  2. It’s debatable if you can add material after you start “cooking”
  3. You are supposed to have lawn clippings. (Can I buy these somewhere? I haven’t mowed our dirt patch in the backyard…)
  4. You set it up then cover it with manure (Isn’t that fertilizer? Is this like Amish Friendship Bread where you need some to make more??)
  5. People like using worms. (I don’t like this, you need more equipment too)
  6. If you put your pile on the ground, worms get in your pile on their own!
  7. UPDATE Crunchy roommate says the woman at the farmer’s market laughed at our plan and this all could be much more complex than originally planned.

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